Should you purchase a property when it is in the “Pre-Launch” stage? 

Pre-Launch is ideally when a project is in the early stages of construction.  Builders announce the project proposals at this stage and begin the sale for the same.  Here, we’ll discuss the advantages for house purchasers of purchasing a property during a pre-launch sale.  Since the pandemic spread over the world, the real estate market […]

How Architecture Secretly Affects Your Lifestyle 


“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us,” Winston Churchill had this thought in 1943 as he contemplated repairing the bomb-damaged House of Commons. This is undeniably true, and history is full of examples that support this argument.  Community Life Is Most Important  The proper planning for architecture begins with the site selection process. The […]

Some suggestions for increasing the amount of sunshine in your home 


Before you truly contemplate making significant improvements, read this if you’re having trouble bringing in additional natural light. You only need a few small adjustments to make sure that the sun shines on your residence.  But before you make any adjustments, do a quick inventory of all your “dark spots” by moving from one room […]

The Top 5 Vastu Tips for a Lucky Wall Clock at Home 

Vastu tips

Did you Know? The ancient wall clock that hangs next to the couch serves much greater purposes than simply informing you that you are late. We’ll go through five vastu recommendations for using wall clocks in your home. This could be the catalyst for feeling better during this lockout thanks to a new facelift and […]

The 5 Important Kitchen Must-Haves for Your New Apartment 

Kitchen Essentials

More than just a pot and a four-piece place setting are needed to furnish a new kitchen. When shopping, use this list to make sure you don’t forget anything.  APARTMENT ADVICE  Your new residence is ideal.   It satisfies all of your needs and then some.   Except that you only have a single plate and a […]

Observations to make when moving to a new neighborhood


It’s a big thing to move to a new community. New neighbours, a new layout, and new services will all require some getting used to. With new schools and friends added to the mix if you have children, things get much more challenging. We’ve provided advice to make your transfer simple and get you comfortable […]

3 reasons to know if home-buying is a short-term or long-term asset.

Home buying is a big financial decision and the home acts as an asset. But new home buyers usually ask why a home is an asset. Should they look at it as a short-term or as a long-term benefit? Covid-19 times have increased the value of a house in our lives and is now considered […]

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Appreciation – Real estate values always rise over time due to appreciation. When it comes time to sell, a wise investment might provide a sizable return.  Leverage your Investment – Using leverage, or purchasing a property with just a portion of one’s own funds and the remainder borrowed, is a very major advantage of real […]

5 Simple Ways to Increase Curb Appeal Without Spending a Fortune

Landscaping – Doing some yard maintenance outside is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to increase curb appeal. Trim your hedges, rake some weeds, and mow your grass. Consider having huge trees in your front yard trimmed, especially if the branches are completely obscuring the view of the home. Install Flower Boxes – […]

Top Jaipur Residential Property Investment Locations

Jaipur is a holy city that offers the perfect fusion of modern culture and ancient Indian customs, and it is gradually becoming a part of every homebuyer’s residential fantasy. Jaipur, often known as the Pink City, is a destination that appeals to people on both an aesthetic and a financial level. The city is now […]