Some suggestions for increasing the amount of sunshine in your home 

Before you truly contemplate making significant improvements, read this if you’re having trouble bringing in additional natural light. You only need a few small adjustments to make sure that the sun shines on your residence. 

But before you make any adjustments, do a quick inventory of all your “dark spots” by moving from one room to the next. Tiny windows, large furniture, or dark floors in a small space can be your issue. To begin, try rearranging your furniture to see if that helps. However, if it doesn’t, there are a few methods you can make your interiors more cheerful. 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! 

In terms of décor, mirrors are so much more than just a vanity’s best friend. Your space will appear larger if you can add more reflective surfaces to it. whether it be brassy door knobs, crystal chandeliers, silver reflective photo frames, or mirrors. Stack up on your favourite reflectors to enhance the light from the sun. 

Decor advice: Hang mirrors with the window facing the opposing walls. The window’s light reflection should give the impression of of lighter and more space. 

A Curtained Look 

If you can’t live without curtains, replace them with lighter ones to let in more light. Your curtains will absorb more light the darker they are. Light, layered drapes are the way to go if you’re looking for opulence. But if you’re more of a minimalist at heart, spend your money on strong wood or imitation wood shutters to block the heat while letting enough light into the area to make it brighter. 

Use thin shades to let in natural light if you have a smaller room as a decorating tip. The room is kept breezy using woven, natural materials. 

Indoor Daylight 

Think carefully before placing your lighting fixtures. When indirect lighting is directed at the ceiling, the space appears brighter and well-lit. In order to increase sunshine throughout the day and maintain the daylight atmosphere when night falls, attaching a floor lamp at the back of the room is an excellent technique to direct the light upwards. 

A torchiere floor light in the back of the room should do the trick, according to decor advice! 

It’s all in the Walls! 

Have you ever wondered why painting a room a lighter colour makes it appear so much bigger and brighter? Darker colours naturally absorb light, which makes spaces appear much darker. When you’re ready to paint your walls again, consider using pastel shades like off-white, beige, lemon, or eggshell blue. 

If after considering the aforementioned factors your room still feels dark, stay away from heavy, dark wall hangings. Paintings as such require a lot of room and light. A vibrant rug would also make your space appear lot brighter and more attractive. 

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