5 Simple Ways to Increase Curb Appeal Without Spending a Fortune

  • Landscaping – Doing some yard maintenance outside is one of the simplest and least expensive methods to increase curb appeal. Trim your hedges, rake some weeds, and mow your grass. Consider having huge trees in your front yard trimmed, especially if the branches are completely obscuring the view of the home.
  • Install Flower Boxes – Fresh flowers would be a cheap method to add color to your home if it lacks a lot of it already. Wherever you need a splash of color, flower boxes may be placed under windows, on porches, or along railings.
  • New Paint – Painting your home’s exterior from top to bottom may be rather pricey. Although it won’t cost much money, a fresh coat of paint on your home’s front door, trim, or shutters can bring a lot of character and brightness. 
  • Replace Exterior Light Fixtures – A potential buyer may tell a lot about a property by looking at an old, rusted light fixture. It can be a sign that you don’t care about maintaining things in good condition. 
  • Get a Pressure Washer or Rent One – Your property might seem dull and quite unpleasant if there are stains on the driveway, dusty front stairs, or dingy siding. These issues may be rapidly fixed by a pressure washer only.

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